Free vs. Premium & Premium Trial


odrive offers a very large set of Free features that will provide you will the ability to unify all of your storage for access, syncing, sharing, and collaboration.

odrive also has a very large set of Premium features that provides advanced capabilities, greatly enhancing your unified storage experience.

When you signed up for odrive, you were automatically granted a free, seven-day trial of all Premium features.

On your odrive home page through the web interface, you will see your trial status in the upper-right corner. During your trial you will see an indicator of how many days left you have for your Premium trial.


Click on the notification message to upgrade before your trial is over in order to maintain access to Premium capabilities.


In general, the usage guide is organized by categories of objectives (e.g. Manage Disk Space) and includes descriptions of free and premium features together within a particular category. Features that require a Premium subscription are clearly labeled with the PREMIUM FEATURE designation for clarity.

The sections below have been created to specifically list Premium features only. As you click on the links below, we recommend that you read the other documentation for the feature's category in order to understand the feature's full context.

Major Premium Features

  • Save disk space by using the unsync and auto unsync features to revert files that you've accessed back to placeholder files.
  • Configure direct sync relationships between any folder on remote storage with any folder on your computer by using Sync External Folders. This feature works to sync a folder on external storage with a folder in cloud storage as well.
  • Add zero-knowledge encryption to any storage folder to secure your files such that no one except for you (not even a rogue employee of your storage provider) will be able to access your files.
  • Protect your files with Backup. Retain deleted docs, keep automatic file versions, and even backup any folder on your computer to more than one linked storage account.

Additional Premium Capabilities


The free version of odrive is quite powerful. You will be able to continue enjoying these features once your trial ends.


This section briefly describes how your odrive app will continue to handle premium functionality once you lose Premium capabilities.

When your trial/subscription expires, you only lose the capability to right-click and unsync a specific file or folder you've accessed to return it to a placeholder file. Unsync is a powerful feature, but it is by no means completely necessary. Everything starts out as a placeholder file, so your storage begins in its most efficient state. You shouldn't need to worry about the ability to unsync specific files and folders until you begin running out of local disk space. At that point, you can decide if you want to upgrade for granular control of which files are placeholders and which ones are fully downloaded. Free plan users can always unlink a storage and relink it to start over with everything represented as placeholder files and folders again.

Direct Sync Relationships (Sync External Folder, Sync External Storage)
The sync relationship will be discontinued in the event that you stop your premium subscription or your trial ends. The remote folder and your local folder will be unaffected, other than the fact that they will no longer continue to synchronize with each other. If you have placeholder cloud files in your local folder, you will not be able to access them by doubleclicking on them anymore since the folder has been disconnected from any remote storage relationship at this point.

If you used our Encryption feature and your trial/subscription ends, you will still be able to access your encrypted files on a read-only basis (no additional files or file edits will be allowed to synchronize until you've resumed your Premium subscription).

There is also a command line python utility that was created by one of our Engineers to allow decryption of Encryptor content outside of odrive. This utility exists to illustrate that you only need access to your storage where the encrypted files reside and the passphrase you used to encrypt the files in order to decrypt your files. At this point, odrive is completely out of the picture.

You do not need to worry about having your files trapped or worry about having to pay us more money to get access to your files once you've stopped paying for premium. Contact support at [email protected] if you ever have any questions about how to get to your encrypted data.

Your backup jobs will still exist, but they will be disabled, meaning that no future backup job runs will be processed. You also will not be able to set up any new backup jobs, but you can remove your old ones. If you later decide to upgrade to premium, your existing backup jobs will process correctly when the next backup run is finished.

Other Settings
Premium advanced configuration settings will no longer be applied.


If you have any questions about your premium trial or premium subscription, or need help with any of the features, please contact us on the user forum or send us an email at [email protected]. We're ready to help.

You can also contact us if you have ideas for things you'd like to see in odrive so that we can help make the product better for you in the future.