Protect yourself from data loss with backup


odrive can help protect you from data loss by allowing you to back up important files on your computers. Backup is a Premium feature that helps you get more out of the storage that you've already purchased.


Backup vs. Sync

Backup is different from traditional sync in the following ways:

  • Everything is preserved. Local deletes will not cause loss of your backup copy.
  • Prior version history is retained, so when Backup runs and a new version of a file is detected, it will save the new one with a timestamp and preserve both versions.
  • Backup can be scheduled to run in the background when resources are less in demand.


You can choose any folder on any storage you've linked to odrive to hold your backup data. Getting started is as simple as right-clicking on the folder you want to protect and selecting "Backup to odrive."


Next, you'll be asked to select which folder on your remote cloud storage will be your backup destination folder. Confirm the settings, and then watch as the first backup job completes.


Browse to any folder within your linked storage to hold your backup data.

See our user manual section on setting up a backup job for more information.


odrive's Backup capabilities are extremely configurable, enabling you to do the following:

  • Configure multiple backup jobs to protect specific folders.
  • Back up folders to specific folder locations on specific storage accounts.
  • Back up the same folder to multiple storage accounts.


Programmable Backup

If you need finer-grained control, you can also script your backup tasks using our CLI tools and schedule them through Task Scheduler (Windows) or by cron jobs (Mac and Linux).


Learn more about odrive Backup here:

What’s Next

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