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Once you've unified access to your storage under odrive, you can then share your files and folders conveniently through odrive. You'll have one place to manage your sharing relationships.

There are two ways for you to share files in odrive.


Convenient and secure

Weblinks are useful as a lightweight and safe way of sending files and folders to people that may not be odrive users. You can send anyone a weblink to access a file or a folder within your odrive. There are several ways that this weblink is secure:

  • A password can be added that is required to use the link.
  • An expiration date for the weblink can be set.
  • The underlying storage and its location are masked to your recipient.
  • You can remove the weblink at any time to make it no longer usable.

Manage from one place across all your storage

Your sharing view gives you a summary listing of your web links and how many times they've been visited. You can easily reconfigure or delete your share links from here.

Manage all your web links from the sharing page.


Spaces are special folders that you can create and invite another odrive user to join. The other user will see your space in their own odrive folder. Use odrive spaces to share storage more collaboratively within your group or with your clients and partners.

You can create a Space for any folder in any linked storage. You can invite the members you want by entering their email addresses. Recipients of the email will be able to sign up for new odrive accounts or sign in to an existing account to join a Space.

You can manage all your spaces from the Spaces page of your account.

Members who accept your Space invitation will see the Space in their odrive folder under a Spaces top-level folder. Your Space will be usable to them like any other storage link they have within odrive.

Spaces are a unique way to share any storage that you've linked to odrive.


Sharing Encrypted Content

You can also use Spaces to share encrypted content from odrive. If you are using the encryption feature and have an Encryptor folder set up that is pointing to a remote storage folder, you can do the following:

Creating a Space to share encrypted content

  1. In the web client, go to your account home page and click on the SPACES header above.
  2. Create a Space and choose the remote storage folder holding your encrypted contents (not through the Encryptor folder, but to your remote storage folder directly which will show the scambled/encrypted content).
  3. Invite the person you want to share with and share your passphrase with them.
  4. Once the person has joined your space, they can create their own Encryptor folder which points to the corresponding folder, e.g. /Spaces/your-space-name.
  5. When the other person wants to access the encrypted content through their Encryptor folder, they'll need to enter your passphrase.

Since encryption is a Premium feature, both you and the person(s) you are sharing with will need to have a Premium subscription.


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