Storage View

Manage your storage links, browse your storage, and access your files


The STORAGE view is selected by default when you go to your odrive home page, and this is where to go to manage your storage links and interact with your linked storage.

Manage Storage Links

At the top level of your odrive home, the STORAGE view is selected by default. In the STORAGE view, you will see a list of your storage links. You can click on the + Link Storage option to add more storage as shown below.


Click on + Link Storage to add another storage account.

The menu dropdown for an existing storage will let you rename or unlink a storage account.

Browse (List View)

Once you click into a link (e.g. the Google Drive link shown in the image below), you will enter the storage browsing view.


Click on a storage link to browse

The storage browsing view is by default a List View (we have a Gallery View for images which is described in more detail below). In the list view, you will see thumbnails next to the files. The column headers NAME, MODIFIED, and SIZE provide sorting options for the folder listing.


Detailed listing.
Click on a file to download and click on a folder to browse into it.

Edit or Share Files (Menu Options)

Clicking on the menu for a file shows how you can delete, rename, or create an odrive weblink to share a file.


Use the drop-down at the right of the file listing to take additional actions on a file.

Add Files and Folders

Uploading new files is initiated by clicking on the add new file icon shown below on the right. It will bring up an uploader which will let you either drag-and-drop files in or open a file browser selector to choose your file to add.

The add folder option will allow you to create a new folder and choose a name for it on your storage.


Use the icons at the top right to create new folders or upload new files.

Browsing (Gallery View)

There is also a Gallery View option which is friendlier for viewing and finding image files. To switch to Gallery View, find the picture icon in the top menu bar.


Toggle the view from details to gallery by clicking on the icon at the top


Gallery view