Spaces View

Create and manage odrive Spaces for sharing storage collaboratively


Your odrive Spaces are listed here for you to edit. You can also create new Spaces from this view.


Create a new Space

Use the + Share Storage button to create a new Space to share. You'll be able to give the Space a name, pick a specific folder in any linked storage to share, and specify the email addresses of people you want to invite.


Rename a Space

The dropdown menu has a RENAME option for you to give a Space a new name.

Remove a Space

If you are done sharing and want to delete a Space, use the REMOVE option from the Space list dropdown menu.

Manage Members

Selecting the MEMBERS option from the dropdown menu will open up a pop-up dialog which lets you invite new members, remove an existing member, and view member join dates.



Are there permission levels for Spaces?

The current manage members dialog has a PERMISSION column, but currently members may only have the "Full access" level of permission. In the future, there may be an enhancement to allow specifying "Read-only" permission, but that feature currently is not implemented.


Visit these pages to learn more about sharing with Spaces:

  1. The sharing features page has an overview of how to share using either Spaces or Weblinks. There is also information there to help you decide which option to use.
  2. The user manual documentation contains step-by-step information on how to create and manage spaces.