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Weblinks are great for sharing. Weblinks can be used to share files or folders of any amount and size. Weblinks can be downloaded by anyone - even by someone who is not an odrive account holder - and on any device or browser.

A weblink can be created for any file or directory on any of your linked sources.

Share any file or folder from the desktop

Click on "Copy share link to Clipboard" which will enable you paste the weblink into an email, browser or anything that can accept a pasted link.

Copy the share link directly to your clipboard for easy sharing

Any one who receives the weblink will be able to view and download the files.

View photos and files in odrive's web gallery

The content associated with an existing weblink can be modified so the shared user can view and download any modified or added files.


Weblinks, by nature, are public. They can be accessed by anyone with the link.

odrive enables you to protect the weblink with a password you create. Click on "Share Link" and enter in your desired password.

Protect your Share links with passwords


By default, your shared weblinks live forever.

odrive enables you to automaticaly expire the weblink after a set period. Click on "Share Link" and set your preferred expiration.

Protect your Share links with expiration dates


Go to "My odrive" and click on "Sharing" to view all your existing weblinks that you've created.

For any weblink, you can modify the password and expiration settings.

Modify your sharing settings from the web

You can also delete the weblink.

Stop sharing things you've previously shared from the web


You can turn any folder in your odrive into a shared folder. Invite others to work collaboratively on those files. In odrive, a shared storage folder is also known as a "Space".

Create a Space by going to your My odrive and selecting the "Spaces" tab above. Click on the "+ Share Storage" link.

You then can name the shared storage folder by entering something into the "Subject" field. Then pick the folder you want to share. Finally, invite other users by entering their email addresses.

Name your space and invite members through email

The invited user will receive an email to become a Member of the shared storage folder.

Users you invite receive an email with link

Once the invitation is accepted, the Member will see the shared storage as a folder on her desktop.

Members see spaces as a folder in odrive

You can use the share storage feature with any folder you've linked to odrive, even if the storage is designed for individual usage. It is up to you to ensure you are not violating any terms of use that you have agreed upon with a particular storage provider, however. The shared storage "Space" can be made on a new (empty) folder or a folder that contains existing content. You can share storage using any folder at any subdirectory level. The shared storage folder will still contain all files and folders within it, no matter how nested, so that members have access to everything inside of the folder you've shared.

Spaces are shared storage folders, which means anybody invited to them can add, edit, and delete files in them.

To read more about how magical it is to share the odrive way: The Year of Magical Sharing


If you created the Space, you are its owner.

You can manage your shared storage folders from My odrive under "Spaces". You can create a new Space by clicking on "+ Share Storage".

Create a space from odrive web

You can rename the Space.

View the spaces tab from odrive web

You can delete the Space.

Remove a space completely anytime

You can remove or add Members.

Add or remove members from Spaces anytime

Resend invites if members misplace or delete them.

Re-rend invitations to members

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Share with odrive

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