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Manage Backup

Manage your backups and control how it operates


There are several ways to control backup through the desktop tray app.


There may come a time when you want to kick off a backup run manually before the next automatically scheduled run. You can do this using the Run backup now option shown below.

All configured backup jobs will process during a backup run (backup jobs are not scheduled individually for specific folders).


When an on-demand backup run processes, it resets the time until the next run

The next scheduled backup run will always occur during the configured time increment (by default, 24 hours) after a backup job finishes. So if you normally expect backup to run around midnight each night but decide to kick off a manual backup run at 3:00pm, the next backup will be scheduled for 24 hours after the manual backup run completes. You can change the backup time interval from 24 hours to a specific number of minutes, if desired.

Note that even with the default daily backup run setting, there will always be some amount of drift in the time of day that the backup job runs. This is because some finite time is required for the backup job to complete. If you need backup runs to kick off at an exact time (verses a time increment after the last run finishes), then you should consider using our CLI utility to kick off the backup run. Scripts can be scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler or cron jobs on Mac and Linux.


If a backup job is currently running and you don't want it to run right now, you can cancel it through the tray menu. When you're ready to run backup again, you can simply kick off an on-demand backup job or wait until the next backup job run time for it to kick off automatically.


You can select the Backup to odrive option from the odrive tray menu to bring up a list of your current backup jobs.

If you click on one of the listed backup jobs, you can get more information about it, including which source path and backup destination path this configured backup job represents.


Option 1: Using the odrive tray menu

As shown in the previous section, you can list your backup jobs from the tray menu by going to the Backup to odrive option. Selecting a particular backup job will bring up a dialog for you to confirm the source and destination folders. If this is the backup job you want to delete, select the Forget Backup option in the dialog.

Option 2: Using the right-click menu

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the folder within Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and right-click on it. If the folder has any backup jobs configured for it, you will see the Remove Backup option available for the folder.


There is a configuration setting in the odrive_user_premium_conf.txt file which you can set to change the time between a backup job run finishing and the time the next job run is kicked off. See the Advanced client options section under the backupIntervalMinutes setting for more information.


Coming soon. The backup command is already available from the CLI, but we will discuss it in more detail here in the near future.

Updated 10 months ago

Manage Backup

Manage your backups and control how it operates

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