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Try out the two most popular Premium odrive capabilities

We encourage you to explore odrive during your free 7-day premium trial. Our two most popular premium capabilities are described below. We'll walk through each one of them so you can follow along.

Afterwards, we'll give you a chance to learn more about any other capabilities of odrive that you are interested in.


In the prior section, you were able to experience how odrive saves disk space and improves network and processing efficiency by initially presenting files and folders as placeholder cloud files which don't take up any space on your computer.

The Unsync feature lets you revert a downloaded (blue checkmarked) file or folder back into a placeholder file to reclaim the local disk space.

Unsync a file

Right-click on a blue checkmarked file and select the Unsync option. Notice that it reverts back to a placeholder cloud file and no longer takes up any local disk space.


Right-click on a blue checkmarked file and select Unsync to turn it back to a placeholder and reclaim your disk space.

Unsync a folder

Now, right-click on a blue checkmarked folder and select the Unsync option. Notice that the folder and all of its contents reverts back to a placeholder cloud folder.


You can also right-click on a folder and select Unsync to turn it into a placeholder.


Is unsyncing a folder safe?

Yes. There are safeguards in place to prevent unsyncing from completing if there are any files which have not fully synchronized with the cloud yet. Also, the remote version of the file in the cloud will continue to exist and can be downloaded again when you need it.


All of your storage can be accessed from your odrive folder. To add new content, for example, you could drag in files or folders from your Downloads folder and move it into any linked storage folder.

There are some cases where you don't want to have to keep dragging files into your odrive folder. It would work better for you if you could just set up a direct sync relationship between any folder on your computer and any folder on a storage you've linked to odrive. This may be the case if you have an application on your computer that keeps generating new files in a particular location. Or if you wanted some particular location outside of the odrive folder (such as your Downloads or Documents folder) to be synchronized across all of your computers.

To set this up, go to the folder on your computer that you want to use. Right-click on it and select the Sync to odrive option.


Right-click on any folder on your computer that you want to use for your direct sync relationship and select the "Sync to odrive" option.

Next, you'll choose a folder on remote storage from your web browser.


Select the folder on remote storage for your direct sync relationship.

After that, the folders will begin to sync. So in the example above, your local TurboTax folder in your Documents folder on your computer is now directly syncing with a new remote TurboTax folder which can be found in your Projects folder under your Dropbox storage account.

You should see the blue checkmarks appear as your local files in TurboTax sync up to the remote /Dropbox/Projects folder. When the initial syncing is complete, the top-level TurboTax folder will show a blue checkmark badge.


The sync-to-odrive initial sync is complete. My TurboTax folder (outside of my odrive folder) is now directly in sync with my new Dropbox/Projects/TurboTax folder.

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