Free vs. Premium Capabilities

Thanks for following along and for trying out the basic and premium features mentioned in this guide. For reference, a full list of capabilities is listed below along with links to learn more about each one.


Required PlanDescriptionFeature Area
FreeUnlimited client installs of the sync app, sync agent, and CLI tools. Also, a fully featured Web Client that can be used on any web browser.Unified Access and Sync
FreeUniversal Sync client to link unlimited storage accounts under one login. Sync any storage with odrive, so you don't need to install a pile of other sync apps to get stuff done.Unified Access and Sync
FreeComplete bidirectional progressive sync with placeholder cloud files to reduce disk space, network bandwidth, and CPU consumption.Sync
FreeShare secure weblinks to any file or folder in your linked storage. Manage your shared links across all storage from one place.Sharing
FreeShare storage collaboratively with Spaces. Invite other odrive users to sync with a folder in your linked storage.Sharing
FreeSplit large files (Infinite File Size) to overcome remote storage file size limits or improve performance.Sync
FreeAbility to move the odrive folder location (even to a different volume).Sync
FreeAdvanced client configuration settings to tune how the sync app works.Sync
PremiumReclaim local disk space (Unsync) by reverting blue checkmarked files and folders back into placeholder files which don't take up any disk space.

You can even set autounsync to automatically free up disk space for files that have not been access for a preset threshold amount of time.
PremiumConfigure direct sync relationships between any folder on your computer and a folder in any linked storage.Sync
PremiumBack up any folder on your computer to a folder on any linked storage. Retain deleted docs, keep automatic file versions, and back up data to multiple remote storage locations.Backup
PremiumGet end-to-end convenient, zero-knowledge encryption for any storage folder so that no one except can access your content without your passphrase.Encryption
PremiumSave and apply sync settings (folder sync rules) for handling new files and folders detected on remote storage.Sync
PremiumConfigure automatic empty trash settings to sync local deletes to your remote storage on a schedule.Sync
PremiumDefine custom exclusion rules for sync based on file extensions, names, prefixes or partial (contains) matches.Sync
PremiumSet your autodownload limit so that when you browse into a folder, placeholders under your threshold limit are automatically downloaded (while larger files remain as placeholder cloud files).Sync
PremiumLimit the network bandwidth that the app can utilize by setting a throttling limit.Sync
PremiumEnable greater weblink access limits.Sharing
PremiumSet advanced tuning and configuration settings for sync.Sync


Evaluating odrive for use in your business?

A Business Subscription is required if you are deploying odrive Premium to your business. Click to learn more about Business Subscriptions and what other benefits you can get with one.

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